The competition is open to everyone, with a special class for under 18s. This year’s prize fund is worth over £25,000, including £10,000 for the overall winner and additional special awards. Photographs taken since the 5th April 2015 are eligible to enter.

The overall winner from 2018, by Peter Rowbottom

As in previous years, an exhibition of shortlisted and winning entries will premiere in London in the Autumn (venue to be confirmed). Shortlisted entrants will also be published in the Landscape Photographer of the Year: Collection 13 book, published by The AA in October.

Categories for 2020
Here is a more detailed explanation of what the organisers are looking for in the main competition categories.

Classic View
“We are looking for an image that captures the beauty and variety of the UK landscape. An iconic view; a view along a cliff-side path or of a historic village; a view down a valley; an urban skyline or snow-capped peaks; maybe showing the drama of our seasons. Recognisable and memorable; a true classic.”

Winner of the 2018 Adult Classic View category

Urban Life
“Statistics suggest that up to 80% of the UK population lives in towns or cities. This category really focuses on the subject – from historic to modern – but no underground car parks, tube stations etc please… anything urban and of the outdoors is eligible. We will be taking a broad approach subject-wise – the word ‘urban’ is used as a general theme, so ‘suburban’ areas or country towns are fine.”

A previous Adult Urban View winner

Your View
“What does the UK landscape mean to you? A stream rushing over pebbles, a foggy day in the  Peak District, fish and chips on a deserted beach, you and your friends on your first big summit. Pretty much anything goes, as long as it is in the UK and of the outdoors. Use your imagination, as you have the scope for a very conceptual and personal approach.”

Black and White (new)
“This category recognises the continued importance of this genre of photography and its popularity amongst entrants. This can include both urban and suburban landscapes.”

Young Landscape Photographer of the Year
“A new portfolio category, Living Britain, has been introduced, plus all youth entrants will receive a bundle of five free images that they can enter into the competition.”

A previous winner of the Youth Your View category

All entries to the awards must be uploaded via the competition website.