Picture credit: Colin Mill

Entrants can submit up to 25 photos into the annual contest, which seeks images of the UK only.

There are four categories: Classic view, Living the view, Your view, and Urban view.

Organisers say they are expecting many pictures of snow scenes this year, owing to the harsh British winter.

‘The UK’s weather has rarely been out of the news so far this year and its impact on our landscapes provides a never-ending fund of exciting opportunities for photographers,’ said a spokesman.

It costs £10 to enter a single image, £20 for up to seven, £25 for up to 15, and £30 for up to 25.

Awards founder Charlie Waite said: ‘Photography is within and around us all and the impulse and compulsion to photograph our remarkable landscape seems to grow ever stronger.

‘I am convinced that these individual moments of creativity help us in our everyday lives and we look forward to seeing some remarkable work, as indeed we have each year since the awards began in 2007.’

Last year, organisers promised to review their judging procedures after they were forced to disqualify the winning image.

Landscape Photographer of the Year 2012 winner David Byrne was stripped of his title and £10,000 winnings after judges ruled he had used too much image manipulation.

Byrne said he had not read the rules, admitting that he digitally added clouds and ‘cloned out small details’ on a black & white image of Lindisfarne Castle in Northumberland, which triumphed over thousands of other entries.

This year’s closing date is 4 July 2013.

For details visit www.take-a-view.co.uk