Kodak has announced a 12-million pixel digital compact camera called the Z1275, alongside five more models as part of its summer line-up.

Due out in August the EasyShare Z1275 (pictured) features a Schneider-Kreuznach lens designed to deliver the 35mm viewing angle equivalent of a 35-175mm lens.

It sports a 2.5in LCD screen, a claimed top equivalent ISO of ?3200? and ?digital image stabilisation?.

Kodak has also unveiled a trio of eight-million-pixel M-series cameras and a pair of 7MP cameras, all due for UK debut over the next few months.

The EasyShare M753 is a 7MP camera sporting a 2.5in LCD screen. It costs £99.99 and will be out in July.

The 8MP models are the M873, M853 and M883, the latter featuring face detection technology and a 3in monitor. The M853 and M873 will be available in August and the M883 is September.

Also revealed is the 7MP ZD710, boasting a 10x optical zoom, due out in August.

Other prices have yet to be announced.

For details visit www.kodak.co.uk

Below is an image of the Kodak M853