Film will be with us for ?quite some time?, according to Kodak?s UK boss, who was speaking after the firm announced a revamped version of Professional T-Max 400 black & white film.

Speaking to AP, Julian Baust, chairman and managing director of Kodak Limited (pictured) said: ?There is still reasonably good demand in the UK. Sure it drops each year in the amateur area but there is still demand there and we are still bringing out enhanced products in the pro area.?

He added: ?There is no intention to back away. It?s a great product.?

Due out in the UK in January Professional T-Max 400 boasts ?finer grain and higher sharpness?

Kodak launched the film on the back of recent research which showed that professional photographers believe film ?better captures certain images, particularly b&w photos?, than digital imaging.

Kodak has recently stated that 22% of its worldwide business last year stemmed from film-based products. Kodak film is also used in movie-making.

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Kodak T-Max 400 revamped

? Kodak has announced plans to pull its sponsorship of the Olympic Games after next year?s event in Beijing, China. The move is a significant one, given that Kodak has been associated with the Olympics since the first games in Athens in 1896.

Explaining the firm?s decision to sever its Olympic ties Kodak?s director of brand management, Elizabeth Noonan, said in a statement: ?Digital technology changes everything, including the way we market our products and services. Our new business strategy requires us to reassess our marketing tactics as well, and adapt them to changing market conditions and evolving customer behaviour.?

Last week we reported why Kodak has not ventured into the consumer digital SLR market.