Specialist Photo Network, the team that introduced Kase Filters to the UK, has now brought the Kingjoy SolidRock tripod range to these shores.

Kingjoy is a China-based manufacturer of photographic and video equipment, mobile and action camera accessories, with over 17 years of OEM and ODM experience for some of the best-known brands globally.

The SolidRock series of photo and video tripods is said to offer, ‘the ideal combination of strength and weight without compromising on stability.’

Each tripod offers a double panorama, low centre of gravity ball head with column free design, in 10x patented carbon fibre design.

All ball heads are ARCA Swiss compatible and tripod legs come as standard with rubber and spiked feet, carry case, Allen key and tripod sling with the three models – SolidRock C82, C83 and C85.

The largest model, the SolidRock C85, also comes with a levelling base.

The Kingjoy SolidRock C85 tripod shown with its levelling base

The Kingjoy SolidRock C85 tripod shown with its levelling base

The SolidRock tripod collection

The SolidRock C82 is designed as a ‘travel companion’ and sells from £279.

It has a maximum height of 1190mm, a packed length of 443mm, weighs 1.03kg and has a load capacity of 15kg.

The SolidRock C83 is said to be a ‘creative all-rounder’ and starts from £299.

It has a maximum height of 1382mm, a packed length of 527mm, weighs 1.77kg and takes a payload of 25kg.

As mentioned, the SolidRock C85 comes with a levelling base and starts from £449.

It has a maximum height of 1638mm, a packed length of 668mm, weighs 2.44kg and has a load capacity of 30kg.

Each tripod legs will be available as legs only, or with a ball head combination.

To further protect your tripods, every tripod leg purchased with Kase tripod leg covers will receive 30% off the covers.

The Kingjoy SolidRock C85 tripod being used in Iceland

The Kingjoy SolidRock C85 tripod being used in Iceland

Professional opinions

Several UK professional photographers have been testing out the Kingjoy tripods.

Andy Farrer explained, ‘I discovered a long time ago that flimsy budget tripods are a false economy. I often see people flailing about with complicated-to-set-up tripods on workshops and heavy expensive equipment being balanced precariously on top of tripods too small to be a stable support. I am thrilled that the new KingJoy tripods have addressed the fundamental needs of the landscape photographer.’

You can watch a short video about Kingjoy SoldiRock tripods below…

Harry Wheeler-Brand revealed, ‘As a professional photographer, tripods are a vital part of my kitbag, and truly something I can’t live without. I have been using the tripod for several months now, and it has successfully rivalled and beaten my previous ‘legs’ in many ways a daily photographer, hobbyist, amateur or full-time pro like me needs it to do – the beating I have put this tripod through, the salt water from the Suffolk Coast, the mud from the Norfolk Coast and everything between, has shown what a remarkable bit of kit it is.’

Adam Burton commented, ‘Despite it being a brand that I hadn’t previously heard of it has a similar look and feel, and no doubt build quality, as the long-established professional tripod manufacturers. In my time testing the tripod so far, over many trips to the coast, moorland and woodlands it has proved to be stable, solid and very reassuring.’

Find out more…

To find out more about Kingjoy tripods just visit Kingjoy Tripods UK.

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