The Metropolitan Police has issued a statement following reports that the actor Jude Law was yesterday arrested over an alleged attack on a photographer.

?A 34-year-old man from Maida Vale was yesterday arrested on suspicion of ABH [actual bodily harm] after voluntarily attending a central London police station,? said the statement released to Amateur Photographer magazine.

A police spokesman declined to confirm the name of the arrested man or reveal details of the photographer making the accusation.

It added: ?The arrest followed an allegation of assault yesterday, outside a residential address in Maida Vale, received at 1pm on the same day.?

The 34-year-old was released on bail until a date in October pending further inquiries.

It is understood that Law is accused of trying to grab the photographer?s camera during the incident, which took place before the actor presented his Sleuth movie co-star Michael Caine with an award later that evening in Covent Garden.

? Earlier this year, the actor Hugh Grant escaped charges following an alleged attack on a photographer.