Jessops plans to revamp one store each week in a bid to refurbish 25 more shops by the end of the year.

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Chief executive Trevor Moore said the move follows the refurbishment of five Jessops shops in the past six weeks, the most recent being in Norwich which opened on Wednesday.

‘The signage is clear, simple to follow, the products are live and the people [staff] are not behind counters, hiding from you, but on the [shop] floor engaging and helping you,’ he said.

Moore, who said the business has ‘no closure programme’, added: ‘We will be trading more than 30% of our sales volume from refurbished stores by the end of the year.’

The chain has also launched a plan to capture younger customers and grab back market share in lower-end compact cameras, from supermarkets and rival stores such as Argos.

Speaking to Amateur Photographer, Moore said that, in the past, Jessops has ‘missed an opportunity’ to attract customers looking to buy sub-£100 compact cameras.

‘My expectation running this business is that I widen Jessops’ market appeal. There are a lot of young people out there yet to buy their first cameras… I would be foolish not to go out and look for that business.’

He said Jessops wants to build a better relationship with customers, to encourage them to return to the store for their next camera.

Meanwhile, the chain says that, last month, it recorded a 1.8% increase in DSLR market share compared to March 2009.

The Canon EOS 550D and Nikon D90 are currently Jessops biggest selling DSLRs.