Leica has ?phased out? its Digital-Modul-R digital back less than two years after it was launched, but confirmed that the Leica R9 camera system will remain.

A Leica UK spokesman told us: ?I can confirm that all Digital Modules have now been sold, although there are still some with our dealers?.

The Digital-Modul-R is a digital back for Leica?s R8 and R9 SLRs, giving users dual film and digital capability.

It was launched onto the market in 2005 following months of delays caused by software glitches.

Leica had wanted to give Leica R users the benefit of being able to switch between digital and film without sacrificing their existing camera equipment.

It housed a 10-million-pixel CCD imaging sensor and went on sale in the summer of 2005 priced £3,298 (see AP 23 July 2005).

The UK spokesman pointed out that Leica has recently launched an adapter that enables Leica R lenses to be used on the company?s Digilux 3 (Four Thirds system) digital SLR. The Leica Adapter-R costs £149.

It appears that Leica avoided making an official announcement earlier because it was concerned that this would have a negative effect on sales of existing stock.