Just in time for summer Italian tripod maker Manfrotto has launched a range of models specifically designed for nature photographers.

Due to land in UK shops in the next few days the View range consists of eight kits boasting features such as ?quick-action? leg locks designed, claims the company, so that the photographer can set up the tripod in a matter of seconds.

Primarily aimed at ?bird and nature watchers? the series consists of four new tripods and two different tripod heads ? each kit consisting of a different combination of tripod and head.

There are two categories of maximum load, 2.5kg and 4kg, and a choice of aluminium or carbon fibre tripod. The maximum working height is 182cm using, for example, the 055MFV tripod.

Prices starts at around £140 for the 190V aluminium tripod and 700RC2 head (maximum load 2.5kg).

For details call the Manfrotto helpline on 0870 4205113 and keep a look out for upcoming issues of AP, on sale every Tuesday.