The price of printer ink is far too high according to a survey of American consumers, many of whom choose to print at work to save cash.

The Kodak-commissioned survey found that around 60% of people who own a home printer believe printer ink is expensive.

Almost 50% of respondents said they would print ?more or differently? if ink cost less.

?Americans? ink problems stem from the fact that people believe the price of ink just stinks,? concluded Dr Will Miller, a self-proclaimed ?ink shrink?.

To reduce ink use, a quarter of those polled say they print at other locations, such as a ?friend?s house?, instead of at home.

What is more, 36% of parents surveyed admitted that they limit their children?s printer access and use, to save on ink.

The survey, dubbed ?thINK?, refers to the habit of ?ink sneaking?, described as a relatively new office phenomenon, ?reminiscent of the once common practice of stealing office pens?.

The poll, by Braun Research, was conducted in March based on a 26-question, telephone-based interview of 1,000 people aged 18 or over.

Analysing the survey results Miller concluded that the typical consumer fits into one of three ?ink personalities?: squirrels, squids or snakes.

The squirrels are consumers who are ?conscientiously concerned about conserving ink?.

Squids are those unconcerned about wasting ink and with a ?strong likelihood to print whatever, whenever?.

While, the ?snakes? are described as those who print personal documents away from home or ?having others print for them?.

For those curious about which category they fall into Kodak has set up a quiz at

Kodak commissioned the survey to help publicise its claim that its new all-in-one inkjet printers will save consumers 50% on their printing compared to ?similar consumer inkjet printers?.