Looking to trade-in or sell a DSLR, mirrorless or compact camera, or a lens? As you’ll discover, Park Cameras not only offers great deals, it makes the whole process hassle-free.

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Very few ‘bad’ cameras are released these days, and with some really impressive mirrorless cameras on the shelves, it’s no surprise that the pre-owned market in the UK is booming.

More and more photographers are choosing to trade-in or sell their existing kit for something new, whether it be a camera, lens or accessory, or simply because they want rid of rarely used gear that somebody else might enjoy.

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Credit: Park Cameras

Getting started

Park Cameras is one of the UK’s leading new and pre-owned photography retailers, and the whole process is easy and hassle-free. The company offers competitive trade-in or sale prices on a very wide range of kit.

You begin by visiting the Park Camera’s website, where you’ll get an instant quote on the camera equipment you want to trade-in or sell. It’s a very painless process, and goes as follows: –

  • Provide an accurate description of your equipment’s condition (Park Cameras provides a simple guide in order to help you).
  • Describe what accessories it comes with, such as a battery and charger.
  • Confirm whether or not you have the original box and packaging.

Don’t worry if your kit is slightly more specialist or unusual, either. Park Cameras might need a couple of days to consider what you are looking to trade-in or sell, in order to give you a fair and accurate price.

Park Cameras advertorial, Burgess Hill
The extensive used selection at Park Camera’s Burgess Hill store. Credit: Park Cameras.

Park Points and packaging tips

When adding your details, you can sign-up for a free Park Cameras account. This only takes a moment but makes the process quicker and easier to manage, as you’ll be able to track your quote throughout the trade-in or sale process. Plus, should you choose to proceed, you’ll start to add ‘Park Points’ to your account, which can be spent on anything at Park Cameras.

If Park’s offer is accepted and the value of your gear comes to over £300, it will be collected for free via a reliable and secure courier service. A reference will be provided, which ideally should be included within your package, and the driver will bring a label.

Park Cameras advertorial, boxing up
Credit: Park Cameras

All the couriers ask is that your kit is safely and securely packaged, with padding to ensure a safe transit. You don’t need to go out and buy expensive packaging materials, however, as bubble wrap, paper or compostable packing chips are ideal. In the past, customers have even used old clothes to help protect their gear. It’s best to avoid using shredded paper, however, as this can get inside the camera if not boxed.

Alternatively, you are welcome to bring your kit to the Park Cameras stores in central London or Burgess Hill, West Sussex (near Brighton).

Do a spring clean

In order to get the best possible prices, it’s wise to give your kit a cosmetic clean prior to sending it in for inspection. Whilst camera and lens cleaning won’t affect the value, it does reflect how gear has been treated and shows your item in the best-possible light.

Park Cameras advertorial checking gear
The appraisal team checking used gear. Credit: Park Cameras

Once received, the expert team at Park Cameras will carefully appraise your kit, sending you an updated quote if necessary. The valuation team, who are all keen photographers themselves, are very fair, and will up the valuation if the condition is better than you described when getting the original quote. This straightforwardness and integrity is backed up by hundreds of reviews on TrustPilot.

If you want to exchange your kit against something new, it’s no problem as Park Cameras will sort that out for you, so you get to use the new camera, lens or accessory as quickly as possible.

If you’d prefer to be paid in cash, Park Cameras will pay this directly into your bank account within three to five days of you confirming you’d like to proceed. Trading-in or selling your pre-owned camera kit has never been easier – so what are you waiting for?

Park Cameras advertorial London store
Credit: Park Cameras

About Park Cameras

Park Cameras is a top independent camera retailer set up over 50 years ago by Reg Atkins, who received numerous accolades from AP. Today, Park Cameras consists of two successful stores, one in Burgess Hill, West Sussex, which doubles as the head office, and the other in central London. There is also a rapidly expanding web and contact centre team based in Burgess Hill, providing the same honest and friendly advice to customers as they get in the stores.

Park Cameras advertorial
The Park Cameras team receiving an AP Good Service Award from editor Nigel Atherton (far right).

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