Mark is a multi-award winning Sports Photographer working at the top of his profession for over 30 years. He has twice been named Sports Photographer Of The Year and was named as the Olympics Photographer Of The Year for his work at the London Olympics. He launched the UK’s first Sports Photography School in 2011. To keep up with mark and his work, visit and Here Mark shares his top 3 Golf Photography tips.

Golf photography tips

Mark Pain – Mail on Sunday Photographer

  1. Walk the golf course before the event starts so that you know what to expect on each hole and where exactly you can walk. Locate any shortcuts you can. Keeping ahead of play is crucial when covering a tournament.
  2. Keep your gear as light and accessible as possible and be prepared for any weather, especially during UK tournaments. Don’t carry too much equipment with you. Wear dark or neutral colours to ensure that you don’t stand out from your surroundings.
  3. Plan your day and pace yourself. When you walk the course beforehand think about the light that will be on the course at different times of the day. Know where the sun will be for each hole at different times of day. The light will invariably be softer and more dramatic at the beginning and end of the day.

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The Open kicks off this week while we continue to share our Golf Photography tips from the pros, the fourth and final part will be with Paul Severn. Head over to Golf Monthly to stay up-to-date during the Open Championship, which takes place July 20-23.