Getty Images has just created a new Instagram account as a platform to share its 80,000,000 photograph archive.

Albert Einstein, JFK and The Beatles are have all been chronicled in the @gettyflashback feed so far, alongside photographs from the launch of the Space Shuttle Challenger and protests for women’s right to vote.

The photos from the Getty Images Hulton Archive are uploaded daily to bring the forgotten images to a new social media audience.

Curator of the archive Melanie Hough told Amateur Photographer: “We hope those following the feed feel that bit closer to history and discover something new.

“Be it seeing an iconic image with a fresh perspective or a story lost were it not for the photographs.”

The photographs are accompanied by captions marking their origin and stories behind them, curated by the editors and researchers working at the archive.

The team has been scanning and publishing thousands of archival images each year online on the Getty Images website but they still estimate that less than 1% of the archive is currently uploaded.

Hough added that they chose Instagram as the platform because of its capability to share their abundance of photos to an increasing number of people.

In the coming months, the team will also be using the feed to highlight the conservation work that goes on behind the scenes at the archive.

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