The Nikon stand at last year’s show

Also joining the line-up will be Nikon UK ambassadors Kate Hopewell-Smith, David Yarrow, Bob Martin and Leon Neal.

‘These inspirational figures will give informative talks on a range of photography subjects to inspire enthusiastic photographers,’ Nikon announced today.

Born in Ireland, Helen Sloan first became interested in photography aged 11 when she borrowed her father’s camera to take on a school trip to New York.

‘He developed the film and thought my shots were pretty good, so being the encouraging dad that he was, he said I could use his camera again,’ she told Nikon Europe.

‘I practiced a lot and eventually he bought me my own camera, a Nikon F3, and asked his friend from the local newspaper to let me come and get some work experience in the darkroom.

‘Once I got started, I never wanted to do anything except photography.’

For her Game of Thrones shoots, Helen explained why she doesn’t want to know what happens to characters she photographs in subsequent seasons of the show.

‘I just read the script for each season, because I don’t want to get “out of the moment” – if I know someone’s going to turn into a bad guy two seasons on, that might affect how I shoot them now, so I try not to find out.’

The recently unveiled D500 and D5 will be among the kit to be showcased on Nikon’s ‘interactive’ stand at the Photography Show, which takes place from 19-22 March at the Birmingham NEC.

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For information about the Photography Show visit the event’s website.