Fujifilm has reacted to suggestions it may be set to launch a new series of Nikon F or ?Leica M-mount? interchangeable lens ?professional? cameras.

A report in this week?s issue of respected Japanese trade publication Pen News Weekly states: ?Fujifilm is currently working on a new ?S-Pro? series featuring a 12-million pixel APS-C Super CCD EXR Pro imaging sensor.?

Asked to comment on the article?s suggestion that Fuji will launch the full HD video-equipped cameras instead of jumping on board the ?Micro Four Thirds bandwagon?, a spokeswoman for the firm’s UK office told us last night: ?Every day we hear a rumour about what we?re supposed to be doing, and what?s supposed to be in the pipeline ? all rumour.?

Fujifilm?s last DSLR was the now discontinued S5 Pro, unveiled at Photokina in 2006.

Like its predecessors the S5 Pro DSLR (pictured) used a Nikon-F lens mount.


Fujifilm announces S5 Pro