Due out in February, priced £549 (body only), new features include a better-shaped grip to help users quickly change settings while holding the camera.

Also, there is now an auto mode on/off switch, as well as a ‘more intuitive’ user interface.

Also, seven function buttons on the top and back of the camera body can be customised to the user’s needs.

The electronic shutter is capable of exposure up to 1/32,000sec, says Fuji.

‘Candid shots can easily be captured coupled with the near-silent shutter,’ added the firm in a statement.

Improvements to the AF system include the addition of Zone and Wide/Tracking options that deploy a 77-point AF area to help when shooting moving subjects.

Eye-detection AF is included in the X-E2S. The camera that will also be available as a £749 kit with an 18-55mm lens.

A free firmware update will be available for the X-E2, which will be phased out.