Fujifilm UK claims it has no plans to discontinue any of its professional slide films, after a report in the Japanese press stated that the company is ?streamlining? the range.

Richard Linney, product manager for Professional Film at Fujifilm UK told us: ?Our professional film range in 120 and 35mm formats will not be affected.? However, Linney did say that TRE BI 400 ? a slide film only available in Japan ? will be discontinued.

Japanese trade publication PEN News Weekly, dated 23 June, stated that some ?multi-roll? packs of Provia 100F, Velvia and Velvia 100F are to disappear to ?markedly decreased demand?.

Fuji?s professional slide films include Provia 100F, Provia 400F, Velvia 100, Velvia 100F and Astia 100F.

Linney was not able to comment on PEN News Weekly?s report of plans to raise the price of film.

This is not the first time that Fuji has been forced to clarify its position on film production. Earlier this year – in an act of protest – Fuji despatched a man dressed as a roll of film to the BBC Radio studios in central London (pictured) after presenter Jonathan Ross apparently suggested live on air that the company no longer makes film.