French justice officials are believed to be investigating the disappearance of a 6,000-page dossier containing many photographs and documents relating to the car crash that killed Princess Diana ten years ago.

The ?metre-high? file is understood to include the controversial photograph of Diana trapped in the wreckage of the Mercedes. The picture was reportedly captured by French paparazzi photographer Fabrice Chassery ? one of the nine paparazzi photographers subsequently cleared of wrongdoing.

The dossier?s alleged disappearance came to light when Fabrice Chassery?s lawyer Jean-Louis Pelletier requested access to the file.

He reportedly wanted to prove that Chassery took the infamous picture and to stop any future publication.

Pelletier claims French court officials told him the dossier could not be found and turned down his request.

?It?s the first time I?ve seen anything like this,? Pelletier told French newspaper Le Figaro (pictured). ?There are certainly files that disappear from time to time, but this is exceptional.?

The missing documents contain details of the French investigation into the crash, which also killed Princess Diana?s boyfriend Dodi Fayed on 31 August 1997.

In 2002 formal manslaughter charges against the nine photographers were dropped following a French investigation into the cause of the crash.

A subsequent British inquiry, led by Lord Stevens, last year concluded that the crash was a ?tragic accident?.

The news came as the inquest jury examining Diana?s death announced plans to visit the Paris crash scene as part of the inquest due to begin in London on 2 October.

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