If you are a Nikon user who also uses Capture One to edit your raw images or carry out other processing tasks, you’ll be interested to hear that the Nikon School is running a free course on using the software. There is now a special version of Capture One for Nikon, which includes additional profiles to match Nikon Picture Styles

The free course takes place on June 26 and runs from 10am to noon. Core components include:

* Getting started and importing your first photo
* Getting to grips with the interface and customising it
* Using Capture One’s editing tools
* Exporting to final formats

“The session will take place via Zoom video call, so please ensure your laptop (preferred) or your phone is capable of supporting this application,: say the organisers. “For more information, please contact us on training.uk@nikon.com to discuss your requirements and you can also contact us if the course is showing as full and you are interested in attending.” More details here.