Adobe used the recent Adobe Max Event in London to announce Firefly for Illustrator, which integrates the company’s AI model into the popular graphics design tool. Firefly for Illustrator harnesses AI to enable designers to streamline their work and explore the Generative Recolour tool, which is still at beta stage. Generative Recolour’s algorithms enable users to experiment with colour variations using text prompts. In case you don’t know, Adobe make some of the best photo editing software out there.

Generative Colour on Adobe Illustrator

Generative Colour on Adobe Illustrator. Image credit: Musa Bwanali

Scott Belsky, Adobe’s Chief Strategy Officer and EVP for Design and Emerging Products, also focused on the Generative Fill feature in Photoshop, which enables AI-generated imagery to be added to an existing photograph, and the new intelligent text-based video editing tools in Premiere Pro. These enable users to automatically analyse and transcribe clips. Videos will now be converted into searchable transcripts with specific words and phrases that you can copy and paste to see them appear on the timeline.

Jacqueline Springer on Media, Music and Censorship at adobe max firely for illustrator event

Jacqueline Springer on Media, Music and Censorship. Image credit: Musa Bwanali

The impact of AI

Belsky also spoke at length about the impact of AI on the creative industry, and Adobe’s plans to safeguard the use of this fast-growing new technology. As he explained, Content Credentials is a developing feature embedded in some Adobe applications that allows for attribution details to exported designs and images. The aim is to allow creators to attach identity and contact information to their designs but also to opt-in or out of supported AI models using their content for training purposes.

adobe max firefly for illustrator keynote speaker scott belsky.

Keynote speaker Scott Belsky. Image credit: Musa Bwanali

See the full presentation by Scott Belsky on our YouTube channel.

We’ll be asking Adobe more questions about the effectiveness of these safeguards in a forthcoming interview. For more about Adobe Max see

The new version of Adobe Express allows for real-time collaboration

The new version of Adobe Express allows for real-time collaboration. Image credit: Musa Bwanali

Featured image: Live demonstration of Adobe Illustrator updates by Brooke Hopper and Rufus Deuchler. Image credit: Musa Bwanali

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