Zoe Mack impressed the society with a series of fifteen photographs depicting
work carried out in leather tanneries in Fez, Morocco, and in Marrakech.

‘It is a
privilege to be able to photograph such diverse parts of the world and a real
honour to have my work recognised by the RPS,’ Zoe said.

Zoe made the
decision to include faceless portraits when she was struck by the anonymity and
isolation of the way work was carried out in the tanneries.

She explained
that most of her shoots were conducted first thing in the morning, partly
because of the tourists and partly because the stench of ammonia from softening
agents would curtail later visits.

The RPS says
that to be awarded an Associateship, a photographer must demonstrate ‘a high
standard of technical competence, creative ability and a personal style.’ The
honour was presented to Zoe at the Hilton in Bath in June.

Zoe will be
speaking about the photographs at a Travel Advisory Day on November 30. To view
the images, visit, and to find out more
about the RPS go to