Epson has unwrapped a pair of new flatbed scanners including one aimed specifically at photography enthusiasts and advanced amateurs called the Perfection V700 Photo.

Priced £399 and due out in March the V700 Photo includes four film holders to accommodate various film sizes, including 35mm film strips (plus mounted 35mm slides) and medium-format film up to 6x20cm. The maximum scanning area is 8x10in.

Capable of scanning multiple images simultaneously the scanner features a dual lens system which is built to allow a scanning resolution of 6400ppi without increasing the scanner?s size, explains Epson. The kit comes with Adobe PhotoShop Elements 3.0 software.

Meanwhile, due out in May costing £549 is the Perfection V750 Pro which is aimed at professional photographers wanting the film scanning capability ?to rival that of a dedicated film scanner?, according to the company. The V750 Pro will feature a High Pass Optics system to help improve, for example, scanning speed.

Both models include Digital ICE Technologies which is designed to remove the effects of dust, scratches, dirt and fingerprints from the images being scanned.