The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management have announced the winners of the Environmental Photographer of the Year 2017.

Quoc Nguyen Linh Vinh, from Vietnam, took the top prize with this powerful image of a child and mother making a living from collecting waste in rubbish dump in the city of Kon Tum, Vietnam.

Launched in 2007, the awards aim to highlight global issues of climate change, sustainable development and pollution around the world.

Vinh said “The child was happy, looking at the dark clouds and chatting to her mother. This was so touching. She should have been enjoying her childhood and playing with friends rather than being there.”

“I’ve always dreamed of winning this competition and voicing my concern about the impact of global pollution.  We can’t ignore the issues, and must figure out how we can save the planet with practical solutions,” Vinh added.

Take a look at the other category winners in our gallery below.

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Flight for Life, Credit: Jose Luis Rodriguez/Environmental Photographer of the Year

Jose Luis Rodriguez won the ‘Changing Climates’ category for this photo showing a kingfisher mid-flight in the shadow of factory pollution.

‘Struggle,’ Credit: Raju Ghosh/Environmental Photographer of the Year

Raju Ghosh’s image of a small boy in West Bengal, India won the ‘Built Environment’ category. The photo highlights the lack of infrastructure in place to drain water, which affects those who live in slums the most severely.

‘After the Monsoon,’ Credit: Lloyd Ericson Castro Rodriguez/Environmental Photographer of the Year

Lloyd Ericson Castro Rodriguez won the ‘Mobile Phone’ category for this image of a young boy playing on his bicycle during the monsoon season.

‘Karachi Wildlife,’ Credit: Syed Umer Hasan/Environmental Photographer of the Year

The Young Environmental Photographer of the Year 2017 award went to Syed Umer Hasan for this picture of stray dog in Karachi, Pakistan. In one of the world’s fastest growing cities, hundreds of dogs are being poisoned as many people are suffering from dog bites.

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