JOBY Compact Tripods are a new tripod range designed to be affordable, versatile, and lightweight, the tripods are full-size tripods, which is a departure from the usual Joby Gorillapod tripods, such as the Gorillapod, which are compact and designed to be able to attach to most things.

The range has been designed for content creators, those shooting photos and/or video, as well as vlogging.

The Joby Compact range includes:

  • Joby Compact Light, includes mobile mount
  • Joby Compact Action, includes joystick head
  • Joby Compact Advanced, with 3-way head, and 3kg capacity
  • Joby Compact 2in1 Monopod with ballhead, can be used as selfie stick, weighs just 0.28kg
Joby Compact Tripod Range: Light, Action, Advanced (left to right)

Joby Compact Tripod Range: Light, Action, Advanced (left to right)

You can add a mobile phone mount to the tripods by buying the tripod as a kit, and the mount includes the ability to add additional accessories such as a microphone and lighting.

Joby Compact 2-in-1 Monopod

The Compact tripod range will be available for £72.95 for the Light Kit, £79.95  for the Action tripod or £86.95 as the Action Kit, and £104.95 / £109.95 for the Advanced tripod on it’s own or as a kit. The 2in1 monopod is available for £52.95.

Joby Podzilla Range (Medium) Colours

In addition to a new range of tripods, Joby has also announced a new Podzilla range of budget tripods and grips that are being realised to be a cheaper alternative to the existing Gorillapod range.

The new Podzilla range uses the standard 1/4inch thread, and has a small ball-head

The Podzilla range includes the

  • Podzilla Medium – upto 1kg, £36.95
  • Podzilla Large – upto 2.5kg, £36.95, £45.95 as Kit

The Podzilla Medium and Large Kit includes the GripTight 360 Phone Mount which includes support for additional accessories, as well as supporting portrait/landscape orientation.

Joby Podzilla gripped to pole

The Podzilla Medium is available in a number of colours, grey, red, teal and yellow.

JOBY – Have Fun. Create.

At JOBY we believe in creation as an act of creativity. Since the very first day, when we were founded in the San Francisco Bay Area, we’ve always designed mounts, cases, lights, stands and grips with a user-centric approach. We’ve always tried to create functional yet playful, innovative yet easy to use products. Today, we keep building our legacy, shaping the content creation world day after day. We’re always there for those who care for what they create, those who always go the extra mile, those who dare to be bold, those who want to leave a mark with their content. And, of course, those who want to have fun along the way. If you’re that kind of creator, we stand by you. Because in the end the world is what we make of it, and together we can make it better – one post, vlog, story at a time.