The digital version of Amateur

Photographer dated 28 June 2014

is available now!


Now with more technique, opinion and inspiration

We test 85mm prime lenses from Canon, Sigma, Nikon, Samyang
and Zeiss

Sony has taken the Alpha 77 and added Wi-Fi, an improved
screen and given the AF system an overhaul. We put it to the test

We reveal the top 30 winners from the APOY 2014 World in Motion round

Justin Minns explains how to add depth to your images by
using foreground interest

Park Sung-hwan explains how – and why – he built a café
shaped like a vintage Rolleiflex

Jerry Webb specialises in taking an unconventional view of
everyday life

Phil Hall explains how to craft wideangle images with an
ultra-shallow depth of field

Details on how to download your digital version of Amateur Photographer