A picture of a camera-shy Lady Diana Spencer is among a wide variety of Fleet Street press photographs set to go on show in London.

?The National Portrait Gallery is to be the first British museum to focus on the history of British press photography during the 80-year span of its decisive Fleet Street years,? said a spokesman.

The show is called Daily Encounters: Photographs from Fleet Street and runs from 5 July-21 October.

Organisers say the exhibition will feature more than 75 photographs that ?tell two parallel stories ? one of a powerful industry with an internal culture of its own and the other of the often uneasy relationship that grew between public figures, the photographic press and the wider population of readers?.

It includes an image of Diana (pictured), captured by photographer Ian Tyas on 13 May 1980, the year before Diana?s wedding to Prince Charles.

Shots of politicians, models, actors and royalty line up alongside images of newspaper owners, editors, newsrooms, photographers, printing presses and journalists.

The pictures include a photograph of Dr Crippen in court during his murder trial in 1910, in the days before cameras were banned from court rooms.

The show takes place at the Porter Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, St Martin?s Place, London WC2H OHE.

Entry will cost £5 (concessionary rates available). For details: 020 7306 0055.

Picture below: Copyright Getty Images

Lady Diana Spencer

Picture below: Mandy-Rice-Davies and Christine Keeler leaving the Old Bailey, captured by a London Evening Standard photographer on 22 July 1963. Copyright: Getty Images

Mandy-Rice-Davies and Christine Keeler leaving the Old Bailey