Chris Beetles Fine Photographs gallery is joining online photosellers Photo
Democracy to host The Photo Democracy Award for Fine Art Photography, aiming to
give 21 winning photographers the chance to embark on a career selling prints
of their photographs.

photographer will be chosen to receive official representation from Chris
Beetles Fine Photographs gallery, joining such names as Steve McCurry and
Michael Kenna, both of whom are also on the judging panel for the award.

judges include Sophie Wright of Magnum Photos, British photographer Lottie
Davies, and creative director of Macro Printing Steve Macleod, along with Giles
Huxley-Parlour, director of both Chris Beetles and Photo Democracy.

winner will also receive £2,000 and have their work featured in ‘The
Photographers’, a masters of photography exhibition at Chris Beetles Fine
Photographs that takes place annually around November (exact date to be

other artists will win representation from Photo Democracy and have their work
exhibited in the Chris Beetles Summer Show, which will be open 8-13 July 2013.
They will have the opportunity to sell prints of their work through the Photo
Democracy website.

gallery said: ‘The Photo Democracy Award not only gives away prizes for quality
photographs, but gives photographers an avenue through which to sell and market
their work again and again, creating a very real opportunity for a career in
photographic print sales.’

prizes include cash, vouchers and mentorship programmes. The closing date for
entries is 31 May 2013. For more details visit