Cokin has unveiled a new range of mineral glass ND filters named Nuances. The name Nuances is said to redefine what neutrality means when talking about Neutral Density (ND) filters and a new coating process, whereby a nano metallic alloy is applied on both sides of a highly resistant tempered Schott Glass (B270), is claimed to produce stunning neutrality and images completely free of infrared pollution.


Cokin’s new Nuances Neutral Density filter range

The Cokin Nuances range is made up of six different density neutral density filters, with the ND1024 being the strongest density with a 10 f-stop reduction. The rest of the range is made up of the ND2 (1 f-stop reduction), ND4 (2 f-stop reduction), ND8 (3 f-stop reduction), ND32 (5 f-stop reduction) and ND256 (8 f-stop reduction), all of which are designed to fit Cokin’s range of creative filter holders, from M to XL sizes.

Much like the Lee Filters Big Stopper, Cokin’s Nuances filters (ND32 and above) are supplied with a foam mask that’s designed to be inserted between the filter and the filter-holder to prevent light leaks whilst capturing long exposures.

Nuances filters are designed so that they can be stacked together without colour cast and there’s potential to combine them with other filters from the creative filter system range for those who’d like to experiment with a multiple filter setup.

Prices start at £59.99 inc VAT for the ND32 P Series size, rising to £149.99 inc VAT for the ND1024 (10 stops) X series size.