Cokin is a name that’s synonymous with square filters, but the firm has perhaps seen its star wane in recent years with the rise of brands such as LEE. Now it’s seeking to take a chunk of the high-end market with its new premium NX-series 100mm filter holder.

The system’s slimline design is designed to eliminate vignetting with lenses as wide as 16mm (or equivalent)

This new system is designed primarily for landscape photographers, and specifically to be used with 16-35mm wideangle zooms without vignetting, even when the holder is positioned at an angle. Key updates compared to the firm’s current EVO holder include a rear-mounted polariser that can be operated from behind the camera using a wheel on the side, and a foam gasket on the holder to prevent light leakage during long exposures.

The holder boasts a foam gasket for use with ND filters, while the rear-mounted polariser is adjusted using a wheel on the side

The system also employs aluminium frames to protect fragile neutral density (ND) and ND graduated filters from handling marks and accidental drops. This also allows the holder to be made wider, which reduces the risk of vignetting. Frames are available in a choice of three sizes: 100 x 100mm for NDs, 100 x 135mm for Cokin Nuances Extreme ND grads, and 100 x 150mm for third-party ND grads.

ND and ND grad filters are protected by aluminium frames, which are available in a choice of three sizes: 100x100mm, 100x135mm, and 100x150mm

Cokin says the NX-Series filter holder is compact and lightweight, being constructed from aluminium alloy. It also employs the same lens rings as the firm’s existing Z-size holder, which are available in sizes up to 82mm. The system is compatible not just with the firm’s own Nuances Extreme mineral glass filters, but in principle also with any 2mm-thick 100 x 100mm and 100 x 150mm filters from other brands.

The holder fits onto the lens ring via a pair of silver clips

Due to be available from late May, the NX-Series filter holder will cost £99.99. But you’ll need to add a matched polariser, which costs £79.99, along with frames for all your filters at £17.99 each. Various bundles will also be available, ranging from a Starter option with all the essential components for £219.99, up to a Professional kit that includes seven filters for £689.99.

How Cokin’s new NX-Series filter holder fits together

For full details of the NX-Series filter holder including all available components and kits, see It’s a promising-looking design, and we’re hoping to get our hands on one for a full review in the next few months.