CineStill’s crowdfunding campaign, launched in late March 2022, for its 400Dynamic colour negative film has raised over $710,000 with the company now planning to release the films in 35mm, 120, 4×5 and 220 formats.

The company was originally going to release the 400Dynamic film in 35mm and 120 formats, but the success of the crowdfunding campaign has meant it is planning to offer it in additional formats – 4×5 and 220.

CineStill’s 400Dynamic (aka 400D) is a fine grain film that the company says is designed to deliver a soft colour palette with natural saturated colour and rich, warm skin tones.

The 35mm version of CineStill 400Dynamic film

The 35mm version of CineStill 400Dynamic film

The film has a wide dynamic range with a base sensitivity of ISO 400 but can be rated from 200 to 800, and it’s said that it can be pushed by three stops up to ISO 3200.

CineStill says this makes the film highly versatile and suitable for any lighting condition and can be used either outdoors or in the studio.

As of today (13 April 2022) CineStill is 83% of the way to funding the 220 format version of its film, so it appears highly likely to be made.

Over 10,400 pledges

The campaign for CineStill’s 400Dynamic film was run purely on the company’s website rather than via traditional crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter or Indie GoGo.

Over 10,400 people have thus far pledged support for the 400Dynamic film and Cinestill explained, ‘Because of the incredible response and support from the analogue community, 400D in 35mm, 120 medium format, and 4×5 large format has been fully funded.’

To thank its backers and to show more support for other film photographers, CineStill has added 220 format to the 400D options, giving photographers the ability to use the new film in all cameras that use 220.

The CineStill 400Dynamic film could soon be available in 220 format

The CineStill 400Dynamic film could soon be available in 220 format

The reasoning for 220 format

CineStill revealed, ‘We have been working with partners across the world to develop solutions that are both viable and cost-effective and we have found a path forward, but there are still plenty of risks in trying to bring back this format. That is why we need the community to show us how many backers want 220 film.’

The crowdfunding format helps the company justify the resources, time, and training to make a format like 220 available again.

The company added, ‘CineStill has always been passionate about making film more accessible and has been investigating a way to make this format available to photographers again. 220 film was originally introduced in the 1960s and has only been available through expired film stocks and very few black and white film manufacturers in recent years. It is the same width as 120 film, but has double the length (144cm), allowing photographers to have twice the number of exposures per roll, making it an ideal film format for wedding, documentary, and commercial photographers.’

CineStill says it expects to have completed testing and begun manufacturing of the 220 format by the fourth quarter of 2022, with expectations for fulfilment by December 2022.

If a lack of demand or development roadblocks prevent this from being a viable option, CineStill says it will provide backers of these 220 tiers with double the amount of 120 rolls in return.

If it is determined that there is true demand though, the 400D in 220 will only be available in limited quantities initially as the company determines the scale of production for this format.

See below to watch a short film about CineStill 400D film…

Find out more

The CineStill boutique film company was founded in 2012 by Los Angeles-based brothers Brian and Brandon Wright, who aimed to bring high-quality cine film to the kitbags of photographers.

Those who are interested in any versions of the CineStill 400D can visit CineStill: Making a New Colour Film! 400Dynamic.

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