A limited-edition replica of the legendary Leica O – a camera produced before the birth of mass market 35mm still format photography – is being given away by Amateur Photographer.

The model O is a replica of the Prototype 2 camera. Only around 20 were made in 1923-24.

The working replica model comes with a print from a run of 100 of one of the test pictures Leica inventor Oskar Barnack took with his first 35mm cameras. The archival prints are made from the original negatives.

Housed in a presentation box, the kit is valued at more than £2,000 and was launched by Leica Camera AG to mark the 125-year anniversary of Oskar Barnack?s birth in 2004.

Along with the camera and certified print, the box includes a DVD featuring previously unpublished films made by Oskar Barnack with his 35mm movie cameras around the German town of Wetzlar and the surrounding area.

The Leica O-series cameras were developed as a second stage after the first concept, the Ur Leica, to test the market for such a product. They preceded the production-line Leica 1 cameras that launched the 35mm film format for still photography.

To have a chance at winning, collect the four special tokens, numbered 1 to 4, that will appear in AP. The first token appears in AP?s bumper Christmas issue dated 22-29 December. Subsequent tokens will appear in AP 5 January, 12 January and 19 January 2008.

Attach each token to the form, and once you have all four, fill in your details and send it to Amateur Photographer, Leica Prize Draw, IPC Media, Room 8-56, Blue Fin Building, 110 Southwark Street, London SE1 OSU.

Please note that only one set of tokens per entry form is allowed. All forms with four correctly numbered tokens will be entered into the Leica draw. The winner will be drawn at random after the closing date of Friday, 1 February 2008. Photocopies will not be accepted.

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