AP’s Group Editor Nigel Atherton (left) speaks to a DJI representative about the unmanned machines at the CES Unveiled event in Las Vegas on Sunday evening (picture credit: C Cheesman)

Such remote-controlled devices are aimed at aerial photographers, cinematographers or those conducting archaeological surveys, for example.

A DJI spokesman would not say whether paparazzi photographers have been among customers of its unmanned aerial machines.

The updated version of its S1000 Octocopter is expected to debut in a few months time – costing thousands of dollars.

The firm also showcased its new, lower-end, Phantom Vision 2 (pictured below), a drone that captures 14MP stills and Full HD video with built-in ‘camera tilt control’.

The Phantom Vision 2 costs around $1,200.

DJI’s previous products include a drone built to carry a Sony NEX or Panasonic G-series camera.

There was a notable absence of photography related products at CES Unveiled, which is one of three smaller events that take place away from the main CES.