Canon has responded to Samsung?s bid to be the world?s best selling camera brand within five years.

Canon and Nikon currently dominate the market.

But in a recent interview with Amateur Photographer (AP) the Korean manufacturer said it would outsell the camera giants worldwide by 2015 – a claim tied to an assumption that micro system cameras will overtake sales of DSLRs.

In response, a spokeswoman for Canon UK told AP: ?We welcome the opportunity competition brings, to expand the photographic market and bring the world of digital imaging to new users.?

She added: ?During its financial year 2009 Canon invested 9.5% of sales in research and development.

?The company continually strives to design products which allow consumers to express their creativity.?

Nikon declined to comment on Samsung?s ?aspirations?.

In the AP interview, Jeong Wook Kim, vice president of Samsung’s camera business, said: ‘We are passionate about making a success of the NX system? We are certain that the APS-C sensor will dominate the compact system camera market.

?It won’t be long before compact system camera sales exceed those of DSLRs, and then Samsung will be the best selling camera brand’.


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