Canon says camera production has not been affected by the Japanese earthquake though press reports suggest that its factories were damaged in the disaster.

NEWS UPDATE 3.45pm: Canon issues statement

NEWS UPDATE: Nikon staff escape quake disaster

Hirotomo Fujimori, a Tokyo-based spokesman for Canon based in Tokyo, told news agency Bloomberg that the world?s biggest camera manufacturer ?didn?t suffer damage to plants that would halt output?.

The quake registered a magnitude of 8.9 when it struck the country, triggering a tsunami that is causing widespread damage.

Canon UK had yet to comment on the reports at the time of writing.

Pentax UK said it has yet to receive any reports of damage but will today seek a statement from its head office staff in Tokyo about the situation.

‘People obviously come first, rather than the business… I just hope they are all okay,’ Pentax UK’s Stephen Sanderson told Amateur Photographer.

Meanwhile, Sony was reportedly forced to evacuate six factories in north-eastern Japan, halting production of Blu-ray discs, magnetic heads and batteries.