Further evidence that Canon and Nikon are losing market share in system cameras to other brands is contained in new UK sales figures.

Of the total number of interchangeable lens cameras snapped up by UK consumers In December 2010, 44.1% were made by brands other than Nikon and Canon, compared to 29.3% in the same month the year before.

This means Canon and Nikon lost close to a 15% share over the 12 month period.

Meanwhile, UK sales of compact system cameras (CSC), as a share of all interchangeable lens cameras sold, more than doubled during December – up to 26%, from 10.9% in December 2009.

Confirming the figures Matt Gibbs, of GfK Retail and Technology, said: ?I would add that this is way ahead of all other European countries, and indeed the USA. We are only beaten in success of CSC by Far Eastern countries.?

Last week we reported that though Canon and Nikon still dominate the market, in Japan their combined share slumped 11% to 60.4% in 2010.

In the UK, Sony overtook Nikon in volume sales of interchangeable lens models for December 2010 – notching up 25% compared to Nikon’s 20%.


Nikon and Canon lose ground as camera wars hot up