For some time, US photographer and designer Nicole Elliott has been working with major strap supplier, Blackrapid, and the company has now announced the Nicole Elliott Camera Sling and Delta customisable straps.

“On a trip to Ecuador in 2016, Nicole observed women carrying babies and young children on their backs with a wrap around their shoulders,” Blackrapid explained. “This natural way of supporting and balancing weight inspired Nicole to create a new type of camera sling that combines functionality, comfort and style. Its light, ergonomic form factor takes the pressure points away from the neck and shoulders by ‘hugging’ the shoulder to distribute the load weight evenly.”

In addition, the Delta straps combine swivel-locking hardware and a patented camera connection design, enabling users to customise with a variety of accessories and pockets that attach to its daisy chain loops. The Delta also incorporates front and back spring-loaded cam locks to secure the camera in place when the user is not shooting

Both straps are available from authorised stockists and have a suggested retail price of £82 for the Sling and £75 for the Delta including VAT.