According to the publishers, The Mission Moon archive team scoured the NASA archives and Russian sources to obtain lots of historic images (many previously unseen) to bring the 50-year-old Apollo mission to life.

“This is the first time that the story of the space race has been captured in stereo (3-D) and it presents the largest-ever collection of stereo photos of the Apollo program, with over 150 unique views altogether,” said a spokesperson for Dr May’s London Stereoscopic Company. As with all the company’s titles, Mission Moon comes with a Lite Owl, a 3-D viewer designed by Dr May which enables readers readers to get the full effect.

“I’m proud to present the London Stereoscopic Company’s 8th book, and this one is unique,” he enthuses. “With text by Astro Guru David J. Eicher, it’s the story of the space race and the Apollo Moon landings told from both sides of the race — and brought to life for the first time ever in true side-by-side full-colour stereoscopic 3-D.” You can also enjoy his video tribute to the space walkers here.

Dr May is no mere celebrity dabbler in matters to do with space, having earned a PhD in astronomy from the elite Imperial College London (he originally left his studies in 1974 to concentrate on Queen, but later returned to get his doctorate). The new book is onsale now for £30 from here.