Analogue Wonderland, which is one of the leading shops and manufacturers of film photography in the UK, has acquired SilverPan Film Lab, a film processing lab in Bristol.

Analogue Wonderland has said that this will allow them to have their first true retail location as well as offer a greater range of in-house developing chemistries and services. Analogue Wonderland already has an in-house lab called the WonderLab, but demand for C41 colour and B&W proved to be much greater than expected and they have said that this acquisition will give it the ability to continue to preserve and promote the art of film photography in the digital age.

After the acquisition, Analogue Wonderland said that SilverPan Film Lab will continue to operate independently and that the most immediate change will be that SilverPan will be stocking a selection of Analogue Wonderland films for purchase in-store, saying that ‘There will be no immediate change to website, branding or physical location — and the same technicians will remain in charge of processing their customers’ films.’

Paul McKay, the founder of Analogue Wonderland has said about the acquistion, ‘I am delighted to welcome Duncan and SilverPan Film Lab into the Analogue Wonderland family as they help us bring that philosophy to folks after a ‘professional’ lab service with personalised choice and care. It will also give us a second physical presence away from the locus of London to inspire and engage with a new community of film shooters.’

SilverPan Film lab established in 2018, and its founder Duncan Gammon has said that ‘Analogue Wonderland’s passion, scale and expertise will allow us to reach out to more of the community and grow, whilst retaining the same personalised service to our customers.’

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