Amazon Prime Day 2021 is almost here, taking place from 21-22 June! As we saw with Black Friday last year, there are likely to be some great deals for photographers, whether you are looking to invest in a whole new camera system, or just after a big discount on a tripod, for example.

What is Amazon Prime Day and how long does it last?
Simple – Prime Day is a two-day shopping event where people who have signed up to join Amazon Prime can get special deals that non-members can’t access. It takes places from 21-21 June.

There will be no shortage of photography gear deals for you to spend your hard-earned cash on. The challenge is the same as ever – cutting through the noise and hype to figure out which are the really good discounts on cameras, lenses and accessories, rather than simply getting money off sub-standard or obsolete gear that you don’t really want or need anyway.

So, over the Amazon Prime period we will be updating you with the best deals, curated by AP’s team of camera, lens and accessory experts – if we flag up an offer, you can buy with confidence.

AP’s testing team are the best in the business, so if we flag up a good deal, go for it!

How to get the most from Amazon Prime Day

Look out for lightning deals
Amazon recommends using the Watch List to keep track of these on Prime Day.

Blue means ‘deal’
Prime day deals are colour coded, so watch out for blue badges to save big.

Early deals with Alexa
Alexa can apparently get you early access to some great deals, and no special password is necessary

See you soon!