All Kodak inkjet photo printers will soon be capable of printing 3D images thanks to the release of free software, regardless of how old they are.

The news follows the debut of the firm?s 3D printing system at the CES show in the United States earlier this month.

To view the images in 3D requires the user to wear special glasses.

Robert Ohlweiler, Kodak’s European director and vice-president of Consumer Inkjet, told AP that all Kodak inkjet printers will be capable of printing a 3D photo using the new software, which will be available in the UK from March.

Kodak says a 3D image can be captured as follows: ?To create a 3D photo you take a photo of the subject with any digital camera then shift the camera to the right about three inches and take another picture.

?Upload the pictures to your PC and the Kodak AiO Printer Home Center software combines the two photos into one 3D anaglyph image. You use red and cyan 3D glasses to view the anaglyph images to see it in 3D.?

The 3D image can be viewed on a computer screen or printed out, according to Kodak.


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