AgfaPhoto, used under license by GT Company*, has introduced a new compact camera with a front selfie screen, something we haven’t seen since the Samsung ST500 / ST550 series in 2009. However, as we learnt when we looked at the AgfaPhoto Realishot DC8200, it makes sense to pay very close attention to the specifications to see what you’re actually getting, as we found the “18MP” DC8200 actually used an 8MP sensor.

The AgfaPhoto DC9200 can take “photos at up to 24MP.” However, on looking at the camera specifications anything above 8MP is interpolated, meaning there’s an 8MP sensor in this camera, even though you can shoot up to 50MP. It also offers “4K video” however, this too is interpolated, this time from FullHD 30fps video.

If you’ve not heard of the term ‘interpolated‘ before, that’s because cameras very rarely use this feature anymore. When early vintage digicams had low resolution sensors, they would occasionally use interpolation to digitally enlarge the image to offer higher MP images, which sounds more impressive. Very few main brand manufacturers included this, as higher resolution sensors quickly came along, and customers preferred to know what they were actually buying.

Agfaphoto Realishot DC9200, front screen.
Agfaphoto Realishot DC9200, front screen. Image: Agfaphoto

We’re also left unsure as to what the “Optical 10x Zoom” lens offers in terms of focal range, with the technical specifications simply saying ‘f3.3 f=50’. It sounds like it’s got an f/3.3 aperture, most likely at the wide-angle end of the lens, but what kind of focal range is available is a mystery.

The AgfaPhoto DC9200 features include:

  • 8MP CMOS sensor (higher resolutions are interpolated)
  • “Optical 10x zoom lens”
  • 1.54inch front screen
  • 2.8inch rear screen
  • FullHD 30fps video (4K interpolated)
  • Electronic image stabilisation
  • €149 RRP
AgfaPhoto DC9200 rear screen and controls. Image: AgfaPhoto

As with the DC8200, the DC9200 is another OEM/ODM camera made by a company in China, Shenzhen Ausek Technology Co., Ltd., that manufactures cameras for other brands. The Ausek AC-C23 (sometimes referred to as C23), and other variations of this camera, can be found on websites like Alibaba, Aliexpress and eBay. With prices starting around $80/£80, or less, if you’re prepared to take a gamble, then you could pick this up for much less than the AgfaPhoto version.

The AgfaPhoto DC9200 with front selfie camera is also available from retailers like Argos and Amazon, however, these websites simply copy and paste the original specifications leading to more consumer confusion. Unfortunately, the DC9200 doesn’t feature Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

The world’s first compact camera with front selfie screen from Samsung:

Samsung ST550, dual screen compact, aka TRL225. Press image.
Samsung ST550, dual screen compact, aka TRL225. Press image.

The Samsung ST550 (TL225), shown above, was the world’s first dual screen compact camera. It features a 12MP sensor, 1.5inch front screen, and a huge 3.5inch touch-screen on the back. The Samsung ST550 (and other compact cameras) can be found for around $100/£100 on sites like eBay, and Samsung had a number of different compact cameras with a front selfie screen.

*AgfaPhoto is used under licence of Agfa-Gevaert NV. A sub-licence has been granted by AgfaPhoto Holding GmbH ( Neither Agfa-Gevaert NV nor AgfaPhoto Holding GmbH manufacture these products or provide any product warranty or support. For service, support and warranty information, contact the distributor or manufacturer (GT company).