Image: A promotional screenshot from Adobe’s new Lightroom Mobile for iPad

On Adobe’s Lightroom mobile, users will be able to access images in their Lightroom catalogue from anywhere.

The mobile version allows for some limited editing using presets and/or the Basic panel. New photos can be imported directly from the camera roll.

Lightroom mobile also uses Smart Previews to provide raw editing functionality. Based on the DNG file format, Smart Previews are essentially small versions of original raw files.

They can be used to make adjustments even when the original files aren’t accessible locally. The changes will be then applied to the originals when they next become available.

Adobe has put together a promotional video for the release which goes into more detail:

For now Lightroom mobile is only available for the iPad, though Adobe promises an iPhone version is ‘coming soon’. There is currently no word on an Android version.

Currently the only way to try out Adobe Lightroom mobile is to subscribe to Creative Cloud or to Adobe’s Photoshop Photography program, which is still available for £8.78 per month. Full details are on Adobe’s Lightroom Journal Blog.

The software is now available on the iTunes store.