Tripod maker 3 Legged Thing has unveiled new additions to its Legends range. The tripods are called Bucky and Ray, with the Ray being an ‘ultra-compact’ traveller tripod, with a folded length of 35.6cm, the ability to support loads up to 30kg and a two-section centre column (see below).

Bucky, below, has a maximum height of 1.89 metres with a minimum height of 11cm; it also has a three-section column for greater versatility. They were inspired by skateboarder, musician, photographer and 3 Legged ThingPro Team member, Ray Barbee.

Both are made from carbon fibre and magnesium alloy and the company has also announced a new tripod head, the AirHed Vu. The sturdy yet lightweight head features contoured security cut-outs in the detachable clamp to take security pins in the underside of the new QR Octa quick-release plate (which also comes with the head). The cut-outs reportedly help to reduce the weight of the head and there is a also a clear section in the head’s casing to make the mechanism visible.

Prices as follows: Ray legs only, £319.99; Ray kit with AirHed Vu, £389.99. Bucky legs only £379.99; Bucky kit with AirHed Vu £449.99. See here for full details.