Nikon has updated its lens roadmap titled, “The NIKKOR Z Lens Line up Expansion to 2023“. The expansion noted in the title continues and this new update adds four new Z mount lenses, highlights its newly-released 17-28mm F2.8 lens and hints at the release of two large-aperture primes, a power zoom and a telephoto zoom that will round out the company’s affordable F2.8 zoom range.

In addition to the new lenses that have been added to the roadmap, Nikon still has placeholders for seven lenses that have previously been shown on the company’s roadmap, but have yet to be announced. No additional information has been provided as of this time. As usual with lens roadmaps, this is to be expected as the specifications, price, and expected release dates are unknown, and as noted by Nikon, subject to change without notice.

What Nikon has added to the roadmap recently:

  • A 35mm S-line lens
  • A 135mm S-line lens
  • A 70-180mm non-S zoom
  • Details that the 12-28mm lens has a “PZ” designation

Unannounced upcoming lenses on the roadmap:

  • An APS-C 24mm lens
  • A 26mm lens
  • A 85mm S-line lens
  • A 200-600 super-telephoto zoom lens
  • A 600mm super telephoto S-line lens

As the Z-Mount lens range continues to expand, and look at the line-up, there are a range of excellent Z-Mount lenses available as outlined here..

You can read our hands-on review of the newly-released 17-28mm F2.8 lens at the Photography Show here.

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Do let us know what you think, are you excited about the new Z-mount lenses that are coming out?

Nikon Lens Roadmap- September 2022 “Lens line up expansion to 2023”

** Effective focal length in DX format
*** The contents of this line up are subject to change without any notice or obligation on the part of the manufacturer.

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