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LandscapePro in action – landscape photographer David Kilpatrick explains how to get the most from this invaluable tool

Stock photographers have been combining shots to get a more dramatic sky ever since there was a demand for attractive images.

The rock pinnacle and stone boat landing in the image below are in a small bay called Pettico Wick at the National Trust for Scotland’s St Abb’s Head Nature Reserve on the Berwickshire coast. The stone boat jetty points almost at the rock, and the two align with the setting sun at different heights from mid-May to the end of July.

Pettico Wick ISO 500

Sunset prediction and tide tables helped decide the timing of this shot. You can see from the unedited version above (no post-processing) that there is indeed a sunset behind the rock, but it’s behind the clouds and without any real colour. The jetty looks better after it’s been got wet by the tide, but was dry with tide coming in not going out.

Adding in a different sky from the LandscapePro built-in library made the scene look like it might have been without the clouds covering the sun. The water enhancement in the program (used as a plug-in to Photoshop and perfectly able to handle a 60Mp image) created an effect which would be difficult to achieve, though the effects on rocks and jetty would have been easy.

The result took half an hour with previewing different sky choices and levels of effect, but the actual processes only took a few minutes.

Pettico Wick image in LandscapePro

The screen shot below shows the different coloured multiple masks which LandscapePro uses after you define the elements of the image. This state can not be saved and returned to – it’s a process you must start and complete in one session. It can also be done standalone, without Photoshop.

Masked image

The final LandscapePro image of Pettico Wick

The second example below shows the Waverley Line train from Tweedbank to Edinburgh with the Eildon Hills beyond. Although it was bright, the sun didn’t match the train’s arrival in shot, and the sky over the hills was too white with poor clouds.

Trainscape before

In this case, another picture taken at the same time with better sky and clouds was used, while the trees were also enhanced. The end result (below) is ideal for stock image sales. It’s important to match the sky colour to the scene and raw processing or camera profiles can have a big effect on this (compare Adobe Neutral to Adobe Landscape to see how great).

Trainscape after

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