So what’s keeping the trade-in industry afloat?

Well, according to Matt, photographers can often be so focussed on the newest, shiniest products that they almost seem to forget about the wealth of equipment they already own – some of which retains its value extremely well. So, when photographers lust after new lenses, it might make sense for them to sell their older ones like-for-like, as is sometimes possible.

As a third-party trading service, MPB provides a level of security and trust that photographers might not experience if trying to buy or sell their kit through sites like eBay, Gumtree or directly through social media. With the industry changing and CSCs and mirrorless getting more popular, video and stills photography starting to blur the lines with each other and new ideas arriving all the time, Matt sees a real potential for people to be making (and saving) money.

Watch our interview with him above to learn a bit more. To visit MPB to see what deals you can snag, visit