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Brighton is home to two piers, the UK’s tallest moving observation tower, the country’s most eccentric palace, and Britain’s biggest marketplace for used cameras and lenses. We decided to take five AP readers down to the coast to visit all five of them, starting with the last one – mpb.com.

The readers were selected from the large number who responded to the call-out on our website and Facebook page. We asked applicants to tell us what kit they owned, and to list the kind of kit they would like to use for the day. The wish lists we got back were often pretty extensive, which gave the team at MPB plenty of scope to match each participant with mint condition second-hand items from their vast inventory – while still maintaining an element of surprise as to what they were going to get.

The five intrepid readers arrived at MPB’s main offices in Brighton’s historic Lanes where they were each presented with the kit they would be using during the challenge, and given a brief orientation on how to use it . Suitably equipped, the group then headed off into the sunshine on their photographic tour of the city.

Watch the video to find out how they got on…

The Participants…

Dinah Beaton, from Hassocks

Jack Corthine, from Gillingham, Kent

Hazel Parreno, from London

Paul Rowlands, from Brighton

Rashieda Van As, from Weybridge, Surrey