There have been some interesting novelty cameras released over the years, here are some of our favourites as highlighted by John K. Putnam. These fun toy cameras are a mix of digital and film. However, just because they’re on this list, doesn’t mean we would recommend them, unless you want something for fun!

1. Dragon Ball Z Spaceship Camera

Interchangeable slides inside this anime-themed 35mm film camera allowed you to give your images special cartoon frames, as demonstrated below. You can find this online for around £40.

Dragon Ball Z Sample Image

2. Game Boy Camera

Game Boy Camera and Printer

Amazingly, when released in 1998 this was the world’s smallest digital camera! If you hooked up the additional Game Boy printer it also allowed you to print incredibly low-res (14,000-pixel!) Game Boy style photos:

4. The Snoopy-Matic


This, from the early 1960s, is just fantastic to look at. Shooting with it might be more problematic though, as it takes 126 film. For the complete package, look for one with a box.

5. Can cameras

Budweiser Camera

Cameras hidden inside bodies that mimicked aluminium cans were around from the 1970s to the 1990s. This one takes 35mm film, and you can find them online for around £50.

5. The Pokemon Camera

Pokemon Camera

From 1999. The blurb: “Capture the action on film of your favourite Pokemon adventure as Pikachu’s immense electric charge puts the camera into focus and takes a picture! A special Pokemon border with all 150 Pokemon will magically appear on each photo.” This is a 35mm film camera, and boxed can get quite pricey!

6. Biscuit camera

Biscuit Cam webThis delightful curio from Japan takes 2MP digital pictures and boasts a maximum aperture of f/2.8. Did we mention it’s shaped like a biscuit? Can’t emphasise that part enough.

7. Lego Digital Camera

Lego CameraThree-million pixels, a real built-in flash, and it’s made of Lego. What more could you ask for? Find out more in our guide to the best vintage digital cameras you can buy.

All photos © John K. Putnam

For more amazing instant cameras, check out the book “Camera Crazy” by Christopher Salyers and Buzz Poole. It’s available now from Prestel and costs £19.99.