We are looking for guest contributors for our Youtube channel! Do you make videos about camera equipment or photographic techniques? We want to hear from you!

We want to share your videos on our YouTube channel. We are looking for videos that cover one of the following: 

  1. Reviews of your cameras and/or lenses 
  2. User guides on how to use your camera and/or its features 
  3. How-to guides on a particular technique 

Here are our tips for creating a video for us: 

  1. We recommend videos are between 5 and 10 minutes long, in landscape format and recorded in at least Full HD. 
  2. Use a microphone when recording sound and make sure there isn’t music playing in the background.
  3. Ensure you have quality natural or artificial lighting, check your background and avoid clutter/distractions.
  4. Keep the camera steady to limit shake – use a tripod or prop it up using an alternate method where possible.
  5. If you are speaking to the camera, make eye contact with the camera. 
  6. Please ensure that any images used within the video are your own, and that any music used is copyright free.  
  7. Have fun and be creative. 
First of all, lock off your camera on a tripod to keep it steady

Image: Matty Graham

How to submit: 

Send a link to your finished video file to ap.ed@kelsey.co.uk for consideration. E.g. WeTransfer or Dropbox.  

Chosen videos will be paid £100 and your social media and website links will be included within the Youtube post.  


Check out our Youtube channel for inspiration!

Or visit the video section on our website for guides on how to create video.


If you are a professional videographer and are interested in creating content for us – please get in touch via ap.ed@kelsey.co.uk and send us some examples of your work!  

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