Whatever your photography style and aspirations, for many of us it starts with a location. Capturing the essence of the spot in one photo. Here we take a look at some of our favourite photo locations. Which would you choose?

Sports grounds

Whether a professional photographer at pitch side, up in the stands enjoying football hospitality from Manchester United for example, or behind the goal, football is a sport that lends itself to photography. If you’re close to the action you can capture the blood, sweat and tears of the players.
If you’re a little further away in the stand, perhaps treating yourself with some top class sports hospitality, you can capture panoramic shots of the ground, the players and of course the passion and devotion shown by the fans around you.

Football is a great example, but all sports can hold something unique. Your job as a photographer, whether amateur or pro, is to capture it.

Out in nature’s wonderment

If you’re doing a little travelling; perfect. But even if you’re not, simply take some time out from your hectic life and busy schedule, get out into the wilderness and find the perfect shot. Worldwide, there are some stunning spots to really capture the beauty of the world. Some of our favourites include Yosemite Valley in California, the Canadian Rockies, rock country in Utah, Bandharvgarh National Park in India, Socotra in Yemen, Rotorua in New Zealand, and Guaira Falls in South America. Again it’s all subjective. Whatever place you visit, may hold special significance and beauty – it’s all about showing that in just one single image.

Amongst the world’s most stunning constructions

They may be ancient or they may be modern, but they all hold beauty. Those who wish to capture the ingenuity and essence of the ancient structures may wish to visit the likes of Machu Picchu in Peru, Cambodia’s temples of Angkor, the Pyramids in Egypt. Equally as stunning are the modern structures found in some of the world’s biggest and most important cities. We’re thinking New York, Tokyo, Paris, San Francisco and Budapest. And that’s just for starters.

Gaining an insight into the people of the world

Photography and travelling go hand in hand. By making your way to different parts of the world you’ll be exposing yourself to diverse cultures and unique people. Capturing a snapshot of their lives is just perfect. So how do you get it? Well you simply have to get amongst it and meet people. Think of the possibilities in such a simple everyday location like a market. In places like India and South East Asia this is the hub of people’s daily lives. Think of the colours, the food, and the lives. If you can catch this in a photo it could be the perfect memory.